1KITE Species


Terms of use:

We highly welcome projects which make use of the 1KITE data. However, we ask that you follow the spirit of the Fort Lauderdale agreement and refrain from doing kinds of analyses for which these data were generated, as described on the 1KITE project website. We will not provide data which involve multiple genes across multiple species analyses in a phylo(genomic)genetic context. Analyses of one or two genes across multiple species, or multiple genes in one species, are generally not in conflict (e.g. studies of selected gene evolution across taxa). If you wish to publish your findings, we ask that you credit 1KITE with minor authorships. The individuals who must be credited will depend on the particular data that you use.

Due to the high number of collaborative projects, we have put providing unpublished data to new projects on hold (March 2016).

For any questions, please contact us using the online request form.


Download the current list of available 1KITE species as plain text (updated 2016-04-11)

1KITE Species

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Taxonomic classifications of species do not necessarily follow the latest systematic publications. The list is not curated in terms of spelling mistakes and typos. Accordingly, the taxon names might change when the lists are updated. NOTE: 1) you might have received previously preliminary data. These might be different compared to the finally accepted transcriptomes 2) Accepted transcriptome data by NCBI they are not released and therefore not published. Please contact 1KITE regarding policies, co-authorships etc in case you aim to publish results with 1KITE data not released by NCBI..